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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a boudoir session cost?
    A non-refundable fee of $495 plus tax is required to book a boudoir session. This fee covers your hair, makeup, studio space, and photography session. No photos are included with this fee. After your photo session, a minimum purchase of 10 Edited digitals (at $100 each plus tax) is required. The average client spends between $2500 and $5000 on their session and photos. See more details in the Investment section.
  • Why is boudoir so expensive?
    Boudoir photography is a LUXURY experience. As with any luxury item, it's not a typical, everyday thing. Boudoir photography in particular is a very unique genre of photography that's part therapy session where the client is literally transformed from the experience. I've yet to photograph anyone who hasn't walked away feeling euphoric from the rush of completing a session. Most people find the experience just as valuable as the photos themselves. And of course each photo is a work of art carefully and beautifully crafted. Thousands of hours have gone into mastering the skill to create this type of art in a beautiful and respectful way. I pride myself in creating art that's sensual, candid, tasteful, and meaningful.
  • Are photos included with my session?
    The boudoir session fee of $495 does not include any photos. After your photo session, a minimum purchase of 10 Edited digitals (at $100 each plus tax) is required.
  • What is the photo reveal/ordering session?
    This is when you get to see your photos for the first time and select your favorites to be edited. You must select a minimum of 10 photos to be edited, but you can select as many photos as you like. Edited photos are priced at $100 each. During this time, you may also order print products such as photo prints, wall art, and custom albums. Contact me for a price list of all available products.
  • Is hair and makeup included in my session fee?
    Yes, professional hair and makeup is included.
  • Can I do my own hair and makeup?
    Your boudoir session is a full-day experience that's catered specifically for you. You'll be pampered by my professional hair and makeup team to highlight your natural beauty. All you have to do is show up--we'll take care of the rest.
  • When can I see my photos?
    As soon as we finish the photo session I will cull the photos (narrow them down to the best 75~100 images). This takes about 1 hour, so feel free to grab some lunch or hang around and relax for a bit. After photos have been culled, I'll call you back and you may see the unedited raw photos. At this time, you can purchase your favorites to be edited as well as order any print products or albums.
  • How long does it take to receive my photos and album/print products?
    After you've selected your favorites, it takes about one to two weeks to edit the images and another two weeks for your print products to arrive.
  • What should I wear for my shoot?
    Outfit options are one of the things we'll discuss during the pre-shoot consultation. I'm happy to help my clients decide on outfits that will look best in photos. I can also send you an idea board to help you get inspired.
  • Do I need to be a model to shoot with you?
    The only requirement to shoot with me is that you have fun and enjoy yourself. You don't need any photography experience. The majority of my clients are everyday women who want to feel like a model for a day. I'll guide you throughout the entire shoot to have you looking and feeling like a professional model.
  • Do I have to get naked for my photos?
    The amount of skin you want to show in your photos is entirely up to you. You always have the option to bare it all during your session.
  • Can you Photoshop my body?
    I personally edit every photo. This includes gentle skin retouching that retains your natural beauty while removing temporary blemishes. If it's something that will be gone in a month, I'll take care of it. I will also color tone your photos to give them a polished, professional look. I will NOT warp your body and I will NOT remove scars, moles, or stretch marks--believe me, there's beauty in those details.
  • Can I bring a friend?
    A friend may be present while you're having your hair and makeup prepped, but they will be asked to wait outside during the actual photo shoot. The only people present during the shoot will be me and you.
  • How far in advance can I book a session?
    You can put your deposit down for up to 12 months in advance.
  • Can I reschedule or cancel my boudoir session?
    A session cannot be cancelled once you have booked it. However, you may reschedule your session until 14 days before your session start time. You can only reschedule your session one time for any reason. If you reschedule less than 14 days from your session date, you will need to submit another $495 deposit.
  • Will my photos be posted online?
    Only with your express, written permission will I ever share your photos online for others to see. Otherwise, the only people who will see your photos are you, me, and anyone you choose to share your photos with. Every client I feature on my website and social media sites has given me their permission to post their images. Your privacy is extremely important to me.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    I accept cash, credit card, or payment apps (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, etc.).
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, you can book your boudoir session in advance and pay in installments for part of or all of your digital and print products leading up to the day of your shoot. Full payment of all digital and print items is due on the day of your shoot. Contact me for details on payment plans.
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